Tuesday – Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am – 7pm
Sat 9am – 6pm


color LAB is a space solely dedicated to hair color.  Because we focus on hair color only, all our time and passion is devoted to learning, perfecting and creating trends in the world of hair color. Education and an artistic eye is the way to beautiful hair but by combining that with a scientific approach we can provide you solutions to consistency, saving time and money.

Here at color LAB we understand the fast paced world of today and that time is of the essence.  Through the use of our state of the art infrared hair color processors, and our “light speed” additive serum we can cut down processing time by up to 20 min.  Our services are priced a la-cart to give you the option of leaving wet and getting back to life in record time or taking a few extra min and getting pampered by our staff.

Whether you want to take your time and relax in our beautiful space and have a full blown “salon” experience while sipping gourmet coffee or you are in a time crunch… we offer a plethora of services and options to help best fit your schedule and pocketbook.  color LAB is here to service you the way you need all while keeping an eye on our one and most important goal….to provide you with gorgeous gleaming healthy hair color.